You are a Paladin that took an Oath to liberate the land and its Cities from enemies coming from another plane of existence.

The core mechanics are based on board game systems like Mage Knight and Gloomhaven with music reminiscing of Warcraft 2.

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Paladin's Oath combines elements of RPG and light deck-building where Cards, Mana, Recruitable Followers and always-on Blessings must be synergized to Move, Interact and Battle with unlimited undo mechanics during battles to find the best possible outcome.

This game is a labor of love made by and for people that enjoy complex and thinky board games, digital or physical card games and deck builders, puzzles, strategy games and chess. The randomness is limited and somewhat mitigated making it ideal for players that like to plan ahead.

Absolutely no micro-transactions, live service, virtual currencies, always online or any of that, ever. You just buy the game and enjoy high complexity challenging fun.

Key Features

  • Card-based everything: movement, interaction, battles. Akin to a resource management game with puzzle mechanics.

  • Slow paced: take your time, plan your turn, manage your cards and resources wisely.

  • An ever-changing experience with randomized maps, decks and varied character combinations let you experience a different kind of puzzle each time you play.

  • Heavy focus on Strategy: maximize your current hand and synergize all your resources to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

  • Deep, intricate gameplay with sessions typically lasting 3 to 5 hours depending on the scenario.

  • Turn-based battles with unlimited undo/redo possibilities to allow you to explore and find the best outcome - should you take wounds and clog your hands for the next 3 turns or should you use all those cards and come out unscathed but unable to move on the next turn.

  • Configurable scenarios, characters and decks allow you to fine-tune the experience to the level of complexity and commitment that suits you best.

  • Awesome power curve: you start powerful and grow even more powerful, if you can synergize your cards thoughtfully that is.

  • Challenge-based tutorials to introduce you organically to major game mechanics.

  • Non-stressful experience with no real-time pressure and unlimited undo/redo during battles

Reviews and Features

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