Cheat Codes

DISCLAIMER Some of these codes (for gold, upgrades or winning any quests) are going to spoil your experience of Mighty Dungeons. Others will unlock secret content that cannot be sold directly like heroes or secret campaigns.

You can enter the cheat codes in the Extras > Top Left button that looks like a Keyboard.

Secret Campaign

(PC/Mac only)

As a tribute to the HeroQuest boardgame, I've recreated quests from the original version of the boardgame. I have adapted them to match the atmosphere of Mighty Dungeons, but HeroQuest players should feel at home. I couldn't distribute this campaign officially, so I put behind a cheatcode.

Enter the cheatcode origins to unlock the Origins campaign. Enjoy!

Secret Heroes

Many players submitted ideas for Heroes, monsters and other items. Specifically for the Heroes, I don't have the necessary funds (or rights) to officially create and distribute all of them. Instead, I used cleaned-up submitted images of these heroes and put them behind a cheat code.

Once you enter the codes below, you will be able to select the heroes in the Extras > Change Hero > Select New Hero.

Need to rename your Hero?

This one is not a cheat, just type rename XXX to rename your current hero XXX...

Need more Gold?

Sure, no problem! Enter any of the one-time use codes below to unlock some gold for your hero:

  • fred24 will award 2000 gold

  • fred44 will award 5000 gold

  • cresus30 will award 10000 gold

  • cresus51 will award 10000 gold

  • cresus78 will award 10000 gold

  • cresus88 will award 10000 gold

  • cresus99 will award 10000 gold

  • wallst33 will award 30000 gold

  • wallst42 will award 50000 gold

  • wallst64 will award 50000 gold

  • wallst77 will award 50000 gold

  • wallst88 will award 50000 gold

  • billg88 will award 999999 gold

Want to Upgrade your Hero Faster?

A bit impatient heh!?! No problem ;) Enter any of the one-time use codes below to award your current hero with more upgrade points:

  • up33 will award 5 upgrade points

  • up11 will award 5 upgrade points

  • up22 will award 10 upgrade points

  • up38 will award 10 upgrade points

  • upAA will award 20 upgrade points

  • upZZ will award 20 upgrade points

  • up77 will award 40 upgrade points

  • up88 will award 50 upgrade points

  • up666 will award 50 upgrade points

  • up999 will award 100 upgrade points

Stuck in a level?

Happened to everyone... Enter the code win X Y to win any level. You need to replace X by the index of the campaign in the list and Y by the index of the quest in the campaign.

Eagle-eye View

If you want to see what I see when I'm developping the game, that is the entire board at once, you can enter the cheatcode horus99 to turn ON the eagle-eye view mode. Enter it again to turn it OFF.

God Mode

IMPORTANT There is no turning back for your hero once you activate God Mode. You will have to create another hero to become normal again.

If you want to rock the game like a God, enter the horus55 code and you will be awarded with a lot of gold, and you will become almost invincible! This will also activate the eagle-eye view and freeze all the NPCs and Monsters. You can now walk the earth and destroy everything in your path.