Keyboard Shortcuts & Controls

The game has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to allow you to play more efficiently.

These shortcuts are only available in the desktop version of Mighty Dungeons!

General Shortcuts


  • Press F2 to minimize the window

  • Press F3 to decrease the volume

  • Press F4 to increase the volume

  • Press Esc to exit the current screen or popup or leave the game

  • Press Enter to activate the main button of the popup: bottom left when more than one, center when only one button


  • Press F11 to decrease the volume

  • Press F12 to increase the volume

  • Press Esc to exit the current screen or popup or leave the game

  • Press Enter to activate the main button of the popup: bottom left when more than one, center when only one button


  • Press S to open the Shop

  • Press I to open the Inventory

  • Press E to open the Extras / Settings

  • Press T to open the Tavern (when available)

  • Press Q to open the Quests

Shop / Blacksmith

  • Press the numbers 1 - 3 to alternate between Shop, Blacksmith and Inventory tabs

Inventory / Fights

  • Press the numbers 1 - 5 to alternate between the Potions, Spells, Articles, Weapons, Armors tabs

  • Press the Space bar to trigger the attack button

  • Press M to bring up the Menu


  • Press M to bring up the Menu

  • Use the Arrows keys to move the map in the direction of the arrow


  • Hold Right Mouse Button to move the map

  • Click Left Mouse Button to move the hero


  • Hold Left Mouse Button to move the map

  • Click Left Mouse Button to move the hero

Understanding the Heroes

Heroes Stats

  • Health / Body the more HP, the more damages the hero can take

  • Attack: number of attack dice that the hero will throw while attacking

  • Defense: number of defense dice that the hero will throw when defending against enemies attacks

  • Mind: level of magic spells that the hero can cast. As well as the amount of mana available.

  • Attack Speed: [visible on hero upgrade screen] percentage value. 100% = hero can attack 1x while monster attack once. 200% = the hero can attack 2x while a monster can attack only once.

  • Stamina: [visible on hero upgrade screen] Each weapons has a weight. When using the weapon, it's weight impacts your stamina. When you run out, you can only use your fists. It will replenish at regular interval.

Managing more than one Hero

At any time you can create another game by selecting another hero in the Extras > Change Hero screen then click the "New Hero" button to create a new one, or select one of the existing ones. A new game will be created for this Hero (the previous games will not be affected).

You can delete previous games by selecting the hero to delete then clicking the "Delete" button. This operation is irreversible. Your progress will be deleted.

Differences between Heroes

You can choose from a bunch of heroes at the start. There are also a few secret heroes (see Cheat Codes)

  • Dwarf Warrior: Strong in attack and defense, can carry heavy weapons and can cast very basic spells. [Difficulty = medium]

  • Human Barbarian: Strong in attack, weaker in defense, and 0 mind points but has a lot of health points and will be able to handle the strongest weapons. [Difficulty = easy]

  • Human Wizard: Weak in attack and defense, but high in mind points. Cannot buy most of the weapons or armors available, but will be able to cast the most powerful spell and defeat the stronger enemies in 1 or 2 strong spell. [Difficulty = hard]

  • Elf Ranger: Ultimately faster than the humans, she can easily upgrade her speed. Average attack strength but stronger defense and ability to cast good spells. [Difficulty = medium]

  • Human Assassin: As fast as an Elf, he can attack 2x while the monster attacks only once. He has a strong offense due to his stealth and precision but a weak defense. Also, he won't be able to buy most of the weapons and armors from the store which makes him hard to play. [Difficulty = hard]

  • Lizard Man: Not very strong, not very fast and can only use the most basic weapons.[Difficulty = medium-hard]

  • Brawler: Very strong, but likes to fight with his bare hands.[Difficulty = hard]

  • Human Bandit: Can only handle certain types of weapons, average attack and strong defense and strong health as well but can't cast spells to save his life... [Difficulty = easy-medium]

  • Ninja: Similar to the Elf Ranger with great attack speed, strong attack and defense.[Difficulty = easy]

  • Skeleton: Can handle any type of armor or weapon but can't cast spells and has really low HP.[Difficulty = very hard]

  • Stone Golem: Can handle most type of weapons but no armors. Very strong in attack and defense but can't cast spells.[Difficulty = very easy]

  • Fire Demon: Can handle most type of weapons and armors. He is also very strong in attack and defense and can cast the most powerful spells.[Difficulty = very easy]

  • Water Demon: Very strong, can cast the most powerful spells.[Difficulty = very easy]

Upgrading your Hero

For character upgrades it's actually quite simple: you have achievements to unlock upgrade points that you can use to upgrade the specs of your character. As simple as that ;)

Achievements like open 1000 doors, kill 200 goblins, disarm 50 traps, complete campaign 1,2,3,4,5 etc.

You can see the achievements screen by clicking the upgrade button right below the character image in the inventory screen or in the Extras "Upgrade your Hero" button. Then allocate the points to the specs you want to upgrade.

Heroes Chest

After your hero has successfully completed at least 3 quests he can access the Heroes Chest on the village screen (below the "Extras" button). The Heroes Chest allows your hero to store items and gold to be shared with other heroes that you can create.

Drop the gold and items into the chest. Then change hero, open the chest and take out the items from then chest and place them into your inventory.

Managing Inventory

Weapons and Armors System

The weapons and armors have been built on an ammunition concept. Most weapons (except rare items) can only attack a certain number of times until they are "destroyed" and need to be repaired. Same for armors which can only take a certain amount of damages before being destroyed.

If you collect more weapons/armors of the EXACT same specs (attack/defense/name/...) they will be stacked up against the ones you already own, like ammunitions for a gun. Any difference in specs and the weapons/armors will be considered as a new item and added to your inventory in a separate slot.

Each Armor/Weapon provides attack and defense handicap or bonus towards the heroes attack/defense values.

The values for attack and defense of each weapon depends on the weapon itself and the description of the item explains why the values are as they are.


You can repair the armors and weapons in the Blacksmith (Village > Shop/Inventory > Blacksmith). The repair cost is 25% of the purchase price of the item (or value of the item if you have found it in a dungeon).


If you buy Mithril weapons, the Blacksmith can upgrade them up to ten times. It will be increasingly expensive but your weapons will reach higher and higher levels.

Armors Slots

There are 6 kind of armors: head, body, legs, arms, shield, pet. You can only have one armor of each type. You cannot collect 2 helmet for instance and sell it later. Imagine having your hero carry 2 chainmails and 5 leather body armors. That would be unrealistic (although he can carry so many weapons...nvm).

When you loot armors from a monster/furniture/chest, if you already have an armor for the slot that this new armor belong to it will try to merge them. If both armor armor cannot be combined with the armor that you own, you will have to choose which one to keep. The one you discard will be lost forever.

Items Restrictions

All the items you can buy in the game may have restriction about which character classes are allowed to buy and use them.

You may temporarily equip it (ex: if you grab an armor while on a quest), so as to resell it, but you won't be able to use it.

You can hide the items in the shop that your hero cannot buy by going into the Extras menu.

Magic & Spells

Scrolls System

The spellcasters don't know any spell by heart. They have to buy scrolls that they will read to cast the magic the scroll contains. The Mind value for the heroes describes their ability to read scrolls. The higher the mind value, the higher the level of the spells they can cast.

How to Cast

You use spell the same way you use potions: in your inventory screen or during a fight, in the inventory at the bottom, click the spell icon then click "use" on the right side. That's it. The spell will be cast either towards the monster if it is an offensive spell, or fill up the screen if it's a defensive spell (ex: firewall or celerity).

Monsters can also cast spells when it's their turn to attack.

Any spell cast with long lasting effects (ex: ice storm have a "freezing" effect that reduces the defense points momentarily), will be displayed on the right side of the fight screen with the time remaining for that effect.

At the end of the fight, any effect applied to the monster only will be removed (because he is dead...). Any remaining effect (ex: you have been hit by the freezing effect of the ice storm), will remain and be displayed at the bottom of the dungeon screen. If you have collected keys, keys will be shown there, you can toggle the spells bar by clicking on the spell icon at the bottom left side of the screen.

Increasing Magic Strength

To keep the game balanced but more fun, when a character with higher mind level than the actual mind requirement to cast the spell, the strength of the spell will be increased in a non-linear fashion up to 300% it's value.


Defeating the Dungeons

The game is split into episodes or "campaigns". Each campaign has usually at least 8 quests. The quests may be played in order or not based on the campaign requirements. In that case, certain quests will remain locked until the non locked quests have been completed. (Usually necessary to match the storyline).

To beat a dungeon/quest, you must complete the missions (in any order). There are several types of missions like talking to a non playing character, killing all the monsters, killing a certain monster, open a certain door, find an artefact/article or find a specific key. The missions will be displayed at the beginning of the quest and can be reviewed anytime by clicking the Menu button in the top right corner.

When you complete a mission the game will pop up a notification message and the mission icon will be ticked with a green tick in the menu. When all the missions have been completed, you are offered to stay in the dungeon or leave and go back to the village. It is usually recommended that you stay to explore everything the dungeon has to offer, kill all the monsters and inspect every piece of furniture as they may contain rare items or additional gold and pieces of equipment.

Staying after the End

When you completed all the missions and you decide to stay, all the monsters become Frantic - after all you just killed their boss or looted their treasure. Their strength will increase tremendously and you may actually die from staying. Who said the game would be easy ?!?

Replaying previous Quests

You can replay a quest as many times as you like until you have successfully completed it. Once a quest has been completed, if you want to replay you may need to pay some gold coins to unlock it again (the amount varies with the amount of money collected within the quest, most of them are free to replay). This is to prevent heavy gold farming.

When replaying quests the monsters' strength will be increased significantly** this makes replaying quests a real challenge.

Leaving the Dungeon

In the Menu you can also decide to leave a dungeon at any time. You can also leave by clicking the "exit" button that appears over the hero's head when standing on the stairs.

Your hero will be sent back to the village. If you have completed all the missions, the quest will be considered a success and your hero will keep everything that he has found. Otherwise, he will be "sent back in time", restored to the state he was in before entering the dungeon.

Moving around a Dungeon

To move around the dungeon just click on the tile that you want your hero to move to and he will move on his own. If the hero doesn't move that means that something is blocking his way and prevents him from reaching his destination. In that case you should move step by step along the path (one corner to another for instance).

You can slide the map up/down/left/right using your fingers and you can use the zoom buttons at the top left corner to have a higher viewpoint.

At anytime if you have lost your hero you can click the medallion at the top of the dungeon to center the camera on his position.

Inspecting Furniture and Secret Doors

It is recommended that you inspect the furnitures around you. They may contain some loot (gold, weapons, armors, potions, spells) or may hide a secret doorway to another part of the dungeon.

To do so, simply click the furniture to inspect. If you are further than 1 tile away from the item the game will show yellow crosshairs for you to choose which tile to go to when coming closer to the item. Select the one that you want and the hero will move there and automatically inspect the furniture. If you don't find anything a notification will be displayed at the top of the screen. In any case a green tick will be added to the image of the furniture to show your progress.


Preparing for a Fight

When your hero is 1 tile away from a monster, you have about 1 second to click on the monster to attack first or let the monster attack you. It is recommended to attack first when you have more than one monster surrounding your hero so that you can pick the ones you want to attack.

After a fight, the monsters will be frozen for 1 second (or less) to give you a very short time to pick another one.

If you don't attack, you can choose to let the monsters attack your hero or run away. You may escape for a while but the monsters will run after you. Every monster has a "field of vision" parameter which describes how far and how long they will run after you. If you move further than this FoV value (in absolute tile distance), they will stop running.

Turn-based Fighting

In turn-based fighting you have 5 actions points to use before your turn is over.

Tapping the attack button ends the turn (5 action points), unless your hero has more than 100% attack speed. In that case you will be able to attack 2,3,4,5,... times if you can click fast enough.

  • Casting a spell costs 3 points

  • Drinking a potion costs 2 points

  • Changing weapon costs 1 point

Time-based Fighting

Instead of 5 action points you have 5 seconds to perform as many actions as you can. Tapping the attack button ends the turn, unless your hero has more than 100% attack speed. In that case you will be able to attack 2,3,4,5,... times if you can click fast enough.

It takes around 1-2 second to cast a spell, 1-1.5 seconds drink a potion or change equipment.


The value your hero has in shields (defense) and swords (attack) represents the number of dice that your hero will roll for defense or attack. The faces of the die will determine whether or not you score 1 point for that die.

Your hero's max attack/defense points for that attack/defense phase will be based on the number of dice you throw. Inflicted damage = attack - defense. Each die is a HeroQuest die and based on who throws the die (monster or hero) the odds to score 1 point for that die will be different: black shield for monster's defense vs white shield for hero's defense.

Also, if your hero had a defense score above 0, it will pick one of his armors at random (including the ones with no durability) and decrease the defense counter for that armor. An armor with 0 defense counts will be rendered unusable and your defense/attack handicap will be reset as if you were not wearing the armor.


Each weapon has a weight and using them will impact your heroes' stamina. The more you use your weapons, the faster your stamina will deplete. When your stamina runs out, you will be left fighting with your fists. Do not worry though, your stamina will replenish while exploring the dungeon and at every turn of the fight.

The amount of stamina a hero starts with depends on its class.


The more mind points you have the more mana you will get - typically 10x mind point (value configurable in misc_values.json). The required mind value of a spell also represents the number of mana needed to cast it. So with 1 mind point, you can typically cast 10 spells of level 1, 5 spells of level 2 and so on. When your mana runs out, you can't cast spells until it's replenished. Do not worry though, your mana will replenish while exploring the dungeon and at every turn of the fight.


If you are tired of whacking the attack button and would like a more refined combat system, you can also click directly on the picture of the monster attacking you. Being the head(s), body, arm(s), leg(s), etc. Each zone has different effect when you hit, and you have different chances to hit each zone (turn on the "fight stats" option in the extras to see the percentages).

  • Head: the hit will be 3x-5x stronger and the monster may lose a mind point permanently

  • Body: equivalent of hitting the Attack button

  • Limbs: being legs, paws, arms or tentacles, it will reduce the attack and defense points of the monster permanently or not

Some monsters have weak spots, you will learn which one by trying them out :) This definitely brings more depth and strategy to the fights specially against bigger monsters - try fighting a Crystal or Mithril golem and let me know how it felt!

Gang-up Bonus

From time to time, you will notice that monsters that you are fighting gain a "Gang-up Bonus" (displayed at the bottom left of the monster on the fight screen). A gang-up bonus is applied when a monster is fighting with you while other monsters are around him/you. The more monsters around, the higher the bonus.

Each monster around is adding +50% (may vary from update to update) to attack and defense points of the monster that you are fighting. So if you are planning on attacking the bigger monsters first, think again as if a big monster is surrounded by 8 goblins, he will be extremely strong and you should take care of the minions first :)