Lord Skeltor

The Book of Secrets

Mandrik the Translator

Ruins of Remas

The Hostage

The Crystal

The Deal


Skeltor is Hiding

Forbidden Dungeons

Lanchester Fortress

Tower of the Undead

Waarghul the Great

Rescue of Willibald

Quest of the Enchanted Bow

The Old Spider

Treasure of Kethryllia

The Ancient Creature

The Reign of Abaddon

Withall Tower

Ardiham Stronghold

Nightwell Castle

Goulrich Keep

Broadcove Dungeon

Westshire Citadel

Angarth Fort

Abaddon's Lair

The Gods of Chaos

The Book of Fire

Chasing Dramiard


Looking for Dunrick

The Water Crystal

The Sea Gorgon

Up North



The First Steps

Bastion of Chaos

Rescue of Sir Gnarok

Torak Bar - Lair of the Witch Lord

Lair of the Hobgoblin Warlord

Quest for the Spirit Blade

Prince Mignas Treasures

Return to Torak Bar

Malrad's Maze

The Lost Wizard

The Fire Mage

Castle of Mystery

8 Gates of Hell

The Hell Goblins


The Temple

The 4th Gate



The Lost Relics

Final Assault

The Goblin King Returns

Ancient Ruin of Beldure

Tower of the Crazed Hermit

The Underdark of Arganbah

Prison of the Forgotten

The Goblin Barracks

Tomb of the Elven Kings

The Cursed Fortress
Lower Level

The Cursed Fortress

Upper Level

The Black Sheep

To Arms!! To Arms!!

Take no Prisoners

The Old Silver Mines

Tower of Thrall

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

The Exchange

Kill the Messenger

Eye for an Eye