YouTube Trailer (2015)

Dungeon Crawler largely inspired by the HeroQuest board game.

Released on Mobile in 2013 and ported to PC/Mac in 2015

The game is no longer available on App Stores but you can download the original Android APK for free here, or try that version if you are having compatibility issues (ex: screen cut off).




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  • [Spanish] You are about to suffer, not to the level of Dark Souls, but you bitching out loud if you go very advanced in the various campaigns and you activated Perma-Death. - InsertCoinWeb

  • Mighty Dungeons is one of the better turn based RPG game out there.[...]Definitely an app that I highly recommend you have in your app arsenal. - AppTrendNow

  • Mighty Dungeons follows the sacred premises of the noble art of dungeon crawling since the times of Heroquest. - AppsZoom

  • [French] Mighty Dungeons, enfin un jeu vidéo HeroQuest-like! - AccrosDesJeux

  • The developers have managed to bring the fun and excitement of a childhood board game to life. - RootzWiki

  • I’m rather fond of the way a grave–complete with wooden cross–drops from the top of the screen onto a slain monster. It’s rather comical. - IndieRPGs

  • The best way to enjoy hack'n'slash RPGing without gathering up a GM and party. - SlideToPlay

  • Mighty Dungeons is a three-in-one geekfest - Appys

  • If an old-fashioned dungeon crawl is what you're after, then this is definitely a game you'll want to check out. - Gamezebo

  • Mighty Dungeons might be a relatively bland Roguelike, but it's a fantastic board game. - 148apps

  • Mighty Dungeons Pays Homage to Pen & Papers RPGs - SuperGameDroid

  • Successfully combines a couple of genres into something new. - GreenRobotGamer

  • If you remember the old board games like Warhammer Quests and DungeonMaster then Mighty Dungeons won’t disappoint. - Androidizen

  • It has managed to capture the feel of old school boardgames and merged it with dungeon crawling. Very cool stuff. - OMGeek

  • Manages to capture the spirit of board-game dungeon crawlers; simple, but hiding the occasional twist. - AppSpy

  • If you're looking to relive the days of Ultima Underground and games of that ilk, Mighty Dungeons is a solid offering. - Polygon

  • It’s a great game that offers a lot of game time - BunchOfGamers

  • One of the Prettiest Top-Down Dungeon Crawlers - AppEggs

  • Dungeon Crawlers have always been popular on Google Play, and Mighty Dungeons is one of the cooler ones we’ve seen this year. - Android-Games

  • Fans of classic dungeon crawls will enjoy the simplicity of the move, attack, and loot controls. - AppAdvice

  • [Italian] Mighty Dungeons: a blast from the past - AndroidWorld

  • [French] Un chouette petit RPG sans fioriture ni prétention et pourtant qu'est-ce qu'on accroche vite. - Tablette

  • [French] Mighty Dungeons pose d'excellentes bases de jeu de rôle avec des phases d'exploration façon jeu de plateau. - IphoneSoft

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