Thank you to everyone that helped bring Mighty Dungeons to life!

Yohan Launay


During the week Yohan works as a Software Engineer for Google in Singapore.

Yohan has a strong passion for game programming, which started when he was 16, building mini games for pocket calculator (from tic tac toe to pokemon to sim city adaptations), only limited by the device performances. Later moved to more complex stuff like game engines (2D and Isometric 2D), and more recently built HTML5 games like Beebble and moved onto native games for iOS and Android like MightyDungeons.

Frederic Gaillard

Design & Illustration

Frederic is an awesome illustrator with passion for games. Besides working on freelancing projects he was a co-founder of 7thside Games, french game studio specialized in HTML5 games. And released 2 games with them : Beebble and StarGoalz

Stephane Lemon

Quests & Content

Stephane is an amateur astronomer and electronic technician. As a huge fan of board games and specifically HeroQuest, with over 15 years of Game Master experience, Stephane was involved in creating quests and campaigns for MightyDungeons as well as the design of the board and testings of the game mechanics.

Andrew Crothers

Sound FX & Music

Andrew was helping out for the Audio part of the game (Sound FX and music). Former radio DJ in Singapore and was GM of RADIOactive, Andrew is passionate about music and radio and we are glad when he can spare a bit of time to help out ;).