Thinky and challenging light deck-builder with RPG elements, inspired by complex board games like Mage Knight and Gloomhaven with a unique unlimited undo system and puzzle mechanics

Old school Dungeon Crawler and RPG largely inspired by the classic HeroQuest board game with interesting character upgrade mechanics replacing traditional level-up systems

About the Studio

Fire Biscuit Games is an indie game studio based in Singapore created by Yohan Launay solo developer and relies on a network of talents for the artistic aspects of game development. During the week Yohan works as a Software Engineer / Tech Lead for Google in Singapore.

Yohan has a strong passion for game programming, which started when he was 16, building mini games for pocket calculator (from tic tac toe to pokemon to sim city adaptations), only limited by the device performances. Later moved to more complex stuff like game engines (2D and Isometric 2D), HTML5 games like Beebble, native games for iOS and Android like MightyDungeons and more recently complex digital board game adaptations like Paladin's Oath using the Unity game engine.